This is the new static but hopefully regularly updated homepage of IT-Consultant Thomas Keusch, a Linux/BSD/Unix Systems Engineer / Systems Administrator (and IT-Consultant) in the making.

For some time I had run the Drupal CMS for my web presence, but after my previous hoster mismanaged my VPS after having it eaten by a bug in their provisioning system, I never put it back up again (I should have sued out of principle), so I’ve had no proper homepage for quite some time, just relying on my profiles on GULP, XING, and freelancermap for contracts and general job inquiries. All of this is going to change now or real soon now, as I have decided to put some information online about me, hosting it myself again.

For nostalgia or voyerism check out the previous, completely frankensteinish ad-hoc homepage for more info on how to get in touch with me via my existing online presences elsewhere. Or wait, this seems to be easy, I’ll right now embed them here in this document. If you have questions, you can contact me via these sites/profiles or via Email. In case you’re only interested in downloading my CV documents, just take a peek at the download directory containing a somewhat current (latest export) Curriculum Vitae of mine in different formats.