List of online resources / other profiles for IT-Consultant Thomas Keusch, a Linux/BSD/Unix Systems Engineer / Systems Administrator (and IT-Consultant, or according to XING for one and a half decades by now: “Overlord and UNIX/Linux/BSD Systems Administrator”)

  • GULP (main profile, ** the ONE source of truth **, always the latest/most current)
  • XING (the oldest, most general and best way of first contact)
  • freelancermap (in beta / testing, a poor copy&paste rip-off of my GULP profile, TBD)

Local Curriculum Vitae download directory:

Old homepage (for nostalgia-reasons only):

Other files (for download/view/consumption, nothing of importance though, unless specifically communicated otherwise):

Miscellaneous (WIP stuff to pay no attention to)

I eventually want to edit/host my profile text/data locally in markdown/kramdown, so I tried to extract the relevant text sections from my online profiles or PDF exports thereof automatically instead of indulging in laborious copy&paste sessions. The results so far are temporarily linked here to get some preliminary search engine exposure for relevant keywords. The resulting HTML files can be found in Other files but are of no particular use I guess.

Two conversions to markdown of a recent GULP profile PDF export via two online data-format conversion sites rendered as HTML (plus one variant where I used pandoc to do it myself):

  1. convert1.html
  2. convert2.html
  3. convert3.html

Conversion of my online profiles via html2markdown:

  1. converth2m_flm.html
  2. converth2m_gulp.html
  3. converth2m_xing.html